Carlos M. Fernandes was born in Luanda (Angola) in 1973 and spent most of his life in Lisbon (Portugal). In 2007 he moved to Granada (Spain), where he lived. Currently, he lives between Lisbon, Ericeira and Granada.

He studied photography at Ar.Co, Lisbon (1994-96), graduated in Electrotechnics Engineering (1998) and owns a master degree on Evolutionary Computation since 2002 and a Ph.D. on the same research field since 2009. He teached photography and History of Photography between 1996 and 2007. He is currently an invited teacher at ISCTE (Lisbon), for the Computational Creativity master and Ph.D. Program.

He participated in several photo exhibitions, namely Kaluptein (solo, Lisbon, 2001), I-S-T 95-75-15 (solo, Lisbon, 2006), Atlas (group, Lisbon, 2007) and INGenuidades – Photography and Engineering 1846-2006 (group, Lisbon and Brussels, 2008) and Da Cartografia do Poder aos Itinerários do Saber (Coimbra, 2011). He published the photobooks Kaluptein (2001), I-S-T 95-75-15 (2006) and Quia in Inferno Nulla est Redemptio (2009). He is represented in Lisbon by a Pequena Galeria, of which he is also one of the founding partners. Some of his works may also be found at STET Livros&Fotografia.

His scientific formation raised his interest in the dialogues between Art and Science, and, besides some essays that he had recently published on the theme, Carlos M. Fernandes has been experimenting with photography and bio-inspired Computation. The book and exhibition Pherographia (solo, Lisbon, 2008) and his contribution to Inside, Art and Science (group, Lisbon, 2009) are the result of those efforts. In 2010, he published the paper Pherographia: Drawing by Ants in the long-time leading journal on the dialogues between art and science, Leonardo. He is currently working with several artificial intelligence models for computational creativity.

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